Nevada State officials in the United States are considering taking emergency measures to overcome marijuana deficiencies.

The Nevada State Tax Department, as reported by the Reno Gazette-Journal, has issued an “emergency statement” to overcome marijuana deficiencies. This means that state officials can take emergency measures to increase the supply of marijuana.

Initially, marijuana was only legalized for the use of Medical Marijuana. But the State of Nevada authorized the use of Recreational Marijuana purpose on July 1, 2017.

Since then, a spokesman for the Nevada State Tax Department, Stephanie Klapstein, said that marijuana use is increasing and 47 marijuana outlets throughout the state lack supply of marijuana.

In fact, “there are reports that the sale of marijuana for adults has exceeded estimates”.

The Nevada Pharmacy Association estimates that marijuana sales for four days since legal marijuana has been used for the public have reached the US $ 3 million or Rp40 billion. Of that amount, tax income reached the US $ 1 million or Rp. 13.3 billion.

Before endorsing the use of marijuana for entertainment, Nevada has allowed the use of marijuana for medical purposes since 2001.…

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